Artist: Juhan Ongbrian

Title: Mood Swings EP

Release: EP Released 15th November

Lead Track: Mood Swings – Single Released 25th October

F.F.O: Tom Misch; Alfa Mist; Ezra Collective

Experimental jazz; jazz fusion; electro jazz…however you want to label it, the pioneering artists taking jazz to brand new audiences are some of the biggest success stories in the UK music industry in recent years, taking a form of music which had fallen cruelly out of fashion into something which unified people across generations, cultural backgrounds and class. Entering the arena alongside the likes of Tom Misch and Alfa Mist is Juhan Ongbrian who brings his extraordinary guitar skills and composition skills to a life which has seen him take influence from his birthplace in Indonesia through to a prolonged stay in Seattle and finally to his base in Los Angeles. Deemed an outsider to the closed, fit-to-template system of LA, he is bringing his new EP to the UK for its launch, eager to show that his combination of blues, jazz and ambient beats can comfortably compete with the best on the scene.

Mood Swings features the talents of Juhan himself on guitar; Adrian “Ech0” Michael on drums, and Austin “Sly Chong” Smith on bass, a trio who have found themselves marginalised by the musical behemoth of Los Angeles. Unwilling to temper their pulsating and organic space-jazz-blues hybrid, they are looking to follow the recent wave of artists who have brought jazz to fans of electro, urban styles and dance in the UK. Leading with the title track of the EP, Mood Swings is first and foremost a masterclass in musicianship with Juhan’s blues-influenced guitar