Artist: Woolfman & JStew

Title: Listen to the Beat

Release: Single

 “Tasty” – David Guetta

 “The beat is what keeps us alive from 60 bpm! When we focus on the beat we are living in the moment, in the now, truly being alive”– JStew

 90’s dance music guru meets astonishing singing pastor and one of music’s unlikeliest transatlantic partnerships is born! The Woolfman started to receive songs in his dreams and the message was clear…little did he know he would find such a talent as JStew who hails from New Jersey. They met on a trip in Eastern Europe (that’s another story!) and ‘Listen to the Beat’ represents the first throw of the musical dice and one which will utterly confound your expectations.

Two people from different corners of the world and from vastly differing backgrounds meet and connect via a bizarre set of circumstances and create wonderfully vibrant exciting music – a GENUINE international collaboration both literally and in reference points! Already championed by David Guetta and Gilles Peterson, it sees JStew bringing his gospel singing background (he is also a pastor at a local church in San Francisco!) to Woolfman’s heritage of 90’s music and industry experience combined with an early, infamous stint in post-punk legends Gang of Four and a role as part of the internationally-known Playback theatre.

Woolfman & JStew

Born in New Jersey, JStew began his practice in Atlanta, Georgia, this year moving to a deprived area of San Francisco Bay, his congregation looking to him for leadership and integrity- he finds this in his faith, his music and his firm belief in the potential of every human being. Working in the ministry since the age of three, he is their youngest pastor and carries the great weight of their stories, their fears, their hopes and their dreams. He has performed with gospel choirs around the world, honing his soaring soprano voice, whilst his work in the church has seen him rehabilitate people within the prison system, particularly women and their children.

Woolfman has previously worked with the likes of Gang of Four and once turned down joining The Cure. He was also a part of one-hit wonders, Blue Zoo. It was when attending a series of drama workshops in Poland that he met JStew and was immediately blown away with his zest for life and passion. They worked up some songs, performed them to their audience and the relationship was born. Woolfman completed the tracks in London and then flew to San Francisco to track JStew’s vocals…months later ‘Listen to the Beat’ is engaging listeners with its fresh reworking of 90’s vibes and energy. The pair have established their own label ( and are set on steadily taking on the established music industry in their own unique, passionate and meaningful way!


“I want to be known as an artist that will give you a beat in your feet that will allow you, if only for a brief moment, to forget about your worries and “listen to the beat”. I want our music to take people to a place they have never been before.”


 This track started as a jazz ballad, a lullaby. Woolfman got bored and wanted to inject some life and musical irony into it. The song started from a dream “dream a little dream” – a child lulled to sleep by their own heartbeat. Now it’s a living dream, alive in the clubs and across the world.” (JStew)