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The Mancunian Troubadour Taking on Love, Loss and Heartbreak.

“Haunting and beautiful, confessional songwriting really doesn’t get much better than this” Fresh Out The Booth Folk-rock, singer-songwriter, alt-country, Americana, call it what you like, the art of telling stories through music refuses to die. John Tiller takes influence from… Continue Reading →

Roxy Music, Tom Waits and Rodgers and Hammerstein Go Camping in France with Bill Magill

Artist: Bill Magill Title: Last Night at the Ha-Ra Release: Album Lead Track: Linger with Me F.F.O: Tim Buckley; Tom Waits; Elvis Costello   In a past life, Bill Magill was Rowdy Doody of the cult power pop band Tina Peel, who featured Fuzztone members… Continue Reading →

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