‘Freeze’ is the latest release from German composer, musician and producer Judith Haustein.

Judith’s music is multidimensional, a beautifully refreshing genre hybrid. Judith’s soulful, smooth vocals float on top of heavy drums (Adam Osmianski) and deep basslines (Ferg Ireland) that are reminiscent of the nineties Trip-Hop era.

The track surprises with some well-hidden Jazz harmonies and the soothing sounds of a cello (Christian Pfeiffer), merging into an unexpected rap from Judith’s brother MC BNZ.

The mesmerising music video is complimented by projections of London artist Anne von Freyburg’s paintings, underpinning the emotions of the song.

Judith, who studied Jazz and Audio Technology in London, has influences ranging from Björk, Massive Attack and Joni Mitchell to Jazz giants like Billie Holiday or Chet Baker and composers such as Avishai Cohen or Antonio Carlos Jobim.

During her time at University, Judith was intensively engaging with modal harmony and Brazilian music. She later began experimenting with sampling and soundscapes, introducing elements of Electronica to her songs, and eventually released her self-produced debut album ‘Fire and sleep’.

Over the past four years Judith has been eagerly working on some original compositions that are the result of a long process of self-reflection and searching for a new authenticity within her music. This triggered the desire to bring more disruption and disharmony into her productions.

The latter now appeal through disruptive noise and harsh contrasts that Judith has been trying to create by using glitch and sound effects alongside dreamy choirs and soothing strings. Trip-hop beats and World elements set a groovy base for these atmospheric arrangements of alternating vocal timbres, jazzy chord layers, distorted guitars and dazzling synths.

Meanwhile, these songs have metamorphosed into her forthcoming twelve-track album ‘The Flood’, with ‘Freeze’ being the first single release.

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