JayQ The Legend’s song ‘Body Talk’ is having a legendary run on US radio. It has been on the radio now for 14 months, and among all the current songs on the 150 Urban AC Radio stations across the US, it is #23 since January 2020.

National Radio PD and consultant Joshua Burch (JTweezy), who has been in the business for over 25 years, says it is very rare to have a run like this: “A new artist without a big label doesn’t get to have staying power and then resurge. And I still don’t believe this catchy Afrobeat song has hit its peak.” 

Why does love often turn to hate: lovers become enemies”. JayQ The Legend’s lyrics explore this sensitive topic with some thought-provoking lyrics “Don’t negotiate with terrorists”, “Hold your body for ransom”, “Play me like a fool”.

 “Love should never go down this road,” says JayQ The Legend. “We need to learn how to communicate with our bodies and minds to make our significant other always feel like number one.”

What you might not know is that this song is part of a trilogy; ‘It Could be You’, with its music video shot on the French Riviera and the streets of Cannes, is already a music video platinum award winner. The song will be coming to US and UK radio soon. The third song, ‘4U’, has a November release in time for the Christmas holidays.  The Breakout Music Holiday Mix Tape featuring JayQ The Legend is filled with mood-setting holiday feels, from party to cozy fireplace classics. Also featured on the soon to be released holiday mixtape is Breakout artist GiGi Vega, blowing melodic ‘Mistletoe Kiss[es]’ with her spicy crossover appeal.

JayQ The Legend’s 2020 summer hit ‘Amazing Girl’ was a Billboard and US & UK iTunes Dance Chart top 10 hit. Both ‘Body Talk’ and his holiday song ‘Holiday Feeling’ have been nominated for HMMA Awards. All of JayQ The Legend’s songs combine his brassy vocals, with Bob Marley-esque captivating lyrics, and Grammy-winning production talent. The pipeline is steep, with his legendary talent; holiday mixtape coming out Nov. 15th, followed by a Christmas movie on a major platform. The word on the street looking ahead is that Valentine’s Day 2021 is going to be JayQ The Legend Day!

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